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Just For Laughs!*

Patient: Doctor, can you help me out? 

Doctor: Yes, you may make your way out the same way you came in!

What is a computer’s favorite dance music?

Disk – o!

How can you make number seven into an even number?

Just take away the “s” from it!

Why did the computer consult with the doctor?

Because it was suffering from a virus!

Which way is most chosen by crazy people?

The psycho path!

What do you name a bear with no socks?

A bare-foot!

Can a leopard hide anywhere?

No, he is always spotted!

How can you make a golden soup?

Just add 24 carrots to the soup!

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"Kitty Says"

  Kitty's quote for the week is....

"Roses are red, violets are blue, spring has sprung,
so time to BLOOM!"😊   

Parents Q & A

Hi Parents!  
We all know there are times when we can use a hand!  Or just another perspective on things☺ Feel free to peruse some common
Q & A's asked from parents abroad! 

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​Thank you! 
1)  How do I get my kids to go to bed and stay there?
2)  How do I get my child to understand that NO means NO?
3)  How do I help my child with homework?
4)  How do I help my kids become more independent when I've always done everything?

5)  My child is being bullied and won’t let me tell his teacher, what should I do? 
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