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Since my early years growing up, children have always held a special place with me.☺ 
I've also spent many years caring for them as a Professional Nanny.
The Hunt's Clubhouse was inspired by my sibling, Janelle & a way to help every child feel special.
We welcome every young boy & girl from various backgrounds & locations, world wide, to come to a place where they can learn & laugh!
Many times children can feel left out & excluded, but NOT here! We welcome one & all.
We want you to leave this site inspired, enlightened, & most of all... Laughing!
Laughter is the BEST medicine, & hopefully, if this site inspires just ONE child to see a brighter future, then we've done our job!                  

         J. L. Hunt               Clubhouse Co-Founder

More Family Fun at the Races!

Family Fun at the Races!

Say Cheese!


More Coming soon!

Mickey's Cartoons

Merry Melodies Farm-Frolics

Video Credits:
Duck & Mouse

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (Part 1)

I love movies.  

And what's even MORE

fun than watching movies?

Starring in one! 

My family LOVES to perform

silly videos.

This is our take on a movie that was made a LONG, LONG time ago...back in 1962 to be exact! 

Long before most of you...& ME were even born! 

It's about two sisters. One sister can't walk & has

to be cared for by the other, who isn't very nice!  

This short scene is called,
"Blanche's Lunch"


Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Part (2)

Not the best view...but hey, we're
"Hollywood in Training", still very entertaining☺ 

This scene is called,
"The Escape Attempt" 


Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (Part 3)

This last scene is called,
"Blanche's Revenge!"  

Disclaimer* All characters in video portrayals are fictional!
For entertainment purposes only.  No persons or animals were injured☺  Parents, please monitor the kids to ensure they don't go into other unauthorized youtube areas☺ 


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